12 Things You Can Do with a Mini Excavator Rental

Posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

If you ask an experienced heavy equipment operator what they’ve used a mini excavator for, you might be surprised at just how much they can do. A true technological emblem of versatility in construction, the types of projects and jobs you can accomplish with a mini excavator for rent are seemingly endless. No wonder they’re such a popular equipment rental for homeowners and big construction companies alike.

But what can you do with a mini excavator rental? Whether you already have a handful of projects to do around your house and property or are looking for some inspiration, this blog will provide some new ideas to add to the list.

Mini Excavator Rental Uses

Here are 12 things you can do with a mini excavator rental. Chances are, you can rent the heavy equipment and use it for more than one project. 

#1: Compressing Soil

Many construction and landscaping projects require specific levels of soil compaction prior to building. Did you know a mini excavator is powerful enough to help you prepare and stabilize the building site by compressing the soil?

For instance, say you want to build a shed for your home in Naples, Florida. You can use a mini excavator from our local rental store to efficiently compress and compact the soil with precision, ensuring you achieve a solid base with the perfect level of compaction.

#2: Digging Foundations for a New Garage

Have you been dreaming of a backyard workshop or a covered space to park your car? It sounds like a new garage is calling your name—but first, you need the foundation.

Fortunately, a mini excavator excels at digging foundations for small structures like a new garage or shed: You can efficiently excavate the footings and foundation trenches required for a new building. Not to mention that the mini excavator’s maneuverability supports access to tight spaces, making it an ideal tool for residential construction projects.

#3: Creating and Maintaining Trails

Do you own a sprawling property that deserves to be traversed? Or perhaps you or someone you know is tasked with maintaining overgrown hiking paths at a popular recreational area.

While you could bushwhack the old-fashioned way with a scythe or machete, that’s far from ideal. Instead, you can get the job done substantially faster with a mini excavator, which makes short work of clearing vegetation, moving earth, and shaping the terrain for optimal trail conditions.

#4: Excavating for an In-Ground Pool

Everyone who lives in Port Charlotte, Florida will tell you the same thing about Florida summers: They’re hot.

A great way to stay cool is by transforming your backyard into a staycation paradise, complete with an in-ground swimming pool. And what better way to earn a swim than by excavating the pool’s area yourself with one of our local excavator rentals?

Don’t worry; digging the perfect hole for your new in-ground pool doesn’t mean you have to break your back or drown in sweat. A mini excavator will save you considerable time and effort while still achieving precise dimensions and smooth edges, ultimately yielding a professional result that your neighbors are sure to be jealous of.

#5: Create Garden Beds

With such a warm climate, living in the South certainly opens up your planting options. But depending on where you live, the ground might not be the most fertile or easy to dig and plant in.

A mini excavator can help you easily define and transform any part of your yard into a flourishing garden in a variety of ways. You can use a mini excavator to level the earth, remove sod, loosen soil, or fill raised garden beds. If you’re itching to visualize the fruits of your labor, a mini excavator is an excellent tool for reducing the total time and effort involved.

#6: Installing an Irrigation System

There’s no denying that living in the South makes it a lot more challenging to keep a garden adequately watered. In fact, when you live in warm areas like Bradenton, Florida, it can be challenging just to keep your yard adequately hydrated.

Instead of standing out in the sun holding a hose, you can use a mini excavator from our local store to install an irrigation system and keep your plants happy and hydrated. You can easily prepare the ground and dig ditches for sprinkler systems or dig trenches for laying an elaborate underground watering network of irrigation pipes.

#7: Installing Fences

Whether you have critters disrupting your yard or just want to establish some privacy for your property, installing a fence isn’t as daunting as it might seem with the help of a mini excavator. Digging holes for fence posts is a quick task with accurate results, ensuring straight lines and consistent hole depths for a secure, long-lasting, and professional-looking fence line around your property.

#8: Building a New Driveway

Have you been putting off your new driveway project because you think you need to schedule a big collaboration with a team of friends? You might be surprised to learn that building a new driveway is a manageable project for one person with a mini excavator.

Whether you want to expand your existing driveway, dig out your old driveway and prepare the ground for a new one, or create a whole new driveway in a previously untouched area, a mini excavator will help you get the job done. You can excavate the necessary space, achieve smooth grades, and level out new parking spaces for a durable and aesthetically pleasing driveway surface.

#9: Excavating for a Pond Feature

Cities in the South like LaBelle, Florida are busy, busy, busy. But everyone needs a slice of calm in all the chaos, and a backyard pond can be just the thing to encourage tranquility.

And digging out a new pond is easy with the help of a local mini excavator rental! You have total control over its size and depth, and can even shape the terrain with natural-looking contours to create the perfect design that adds a serene touch to your property.

#10: Excavating a Compost Pit

Have you been thinking about integrating some more green practices into your life? An easy way is to start composting—which doesn’t have to be as stinky as you might think.

You can use a mini excavator to easily and quickly dig out a convenient area in your yard for composting natural waste. While you can throw your food scraps in the compost pit, it doesn’t have to be a spot you associate with rotting food. Instead, you can compost your yard waste—like raked-up leaves, fallen pinecones, weeds from your garden, fallen boughs, and more.

#11: Digging Trenches

Whether you live in Clearwater, Florida, or out in the Pacific Northwest, most homeowners encounter a reason to dig a trench at one time or another. Fortunately, a mini excavator rental makes trenching a simple task with minimal disruption to the rest of your property.

For instance, you can use a mini excavator to dig narrow trenches for electrical lines, drainage pipes, or any underground utility installation of the proper depth and width.

#12: Planting Trees

Have you ever been down South during the summertime? The high temperatures are no joke, and the sun can be something of a menace. It’s no wonder people in Southern areas like Englewood, Florida have a habit of hiding in the shade of trees!

If your property could use more shade, you don’t have to start with a tiny seedling and wait years for it to grow. Instead, you can plant larger, more mature trees by easily digging precisely sized holes with a mini excavator rental.

Rent a Mini Excavator From The Equipment Source

Did we spark your enthusiasm for DIY construction projects? Are you brimming with project ideas that you could use a mini excavator rental for? Are you ready to get your hands a little dirty?

Whether you live in Florida or are closer to Gulfport, Mississippi, The Equipment Source is ready to help you find and rent a mini excavator that appropriately aligns with your project needs and goals. With eight locations, you can count on The Equipment Source team to help you start and finish your projects with ease.

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Can a mini excavator pull stumps?

Yes, a mini excavator is a great tool for pulling and removing stumps, especially with an attachment like a stump grinder or a ripper tooth.

What size excavator do I need to clear trees?

It depends on the size of the trees. In general, a mini excavator should be sufficient for clearing small trees and shrubs, while a mid-sized excavator is better suited for more moderately sized trees and bushes.

What is the most popular excavator size?

Standard-sized excavators (around 19-24 tons) tend to be the most popular and most commonly used excavators in construction.