Mini Excavator Rental Terms and Conditions

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2024


Before you pick up your small excavator rental, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what’s expected from you, the renter.  Here are some facts that make your rental experience more efficient.

What Are the Terms and Conditions of the Mini Excavator Rental Agreement?

Renters will receive a paper or digital copy of the rental agreement for their records and reference during their rental period.

We strongly encourage all renters to read the rental agreement in full, but the table below provides a general summary of the terms and conditions.

Rental Agreement Section

Section Overview
Master Agreement Identifies and defines the terms and labelers used throughout the document
The Rental Period Defines when the rental period officially begins and ends
Payment States when payment is due and defines what the payment includes
Inspection States the renter’s inspection options and defines their applicability
Maintenance, Operations, and Repairs Defines the renter’s limitations, expectations, and rules regarding altering, operating, and maintaining the equipment
Damage to Equipment Defines what and how much damage the renter is responsible for
Liability of Lessee States the renter’s legal responsibility for any damage to the work site and the safety of themselves and/or their workers during the duration of the rental period
Title States that The Equipment Source holds the title and rights to the equipment
Termination of Lease Identifies and defines the terms that would result in the rental agreement’s termination
Subletting States that the renter cannot sublet the equipment or transfer the rental agreement to someone else
Subrogation Defines the terms regarding The Equipment Source’s right to subrogation
Lessee’s Liabilities Identifies specific circumstances and scenarios that the renter accepts liability for
Warranties States that The Equipment Source does not provide any warranties regarding the equipment

Are There Penalties for Early Return or Late Return Of The Mini Excavator?

There are no penalties if you return your rental equipment early. If you return your equipment late, however, you’ll be charged for each additional day of renting/use.

To prevent being unnecessarily charged with theft, please let us know that you’ll need the equipment for longer than you anticipated.

 Are There Any Mini Excavator Rentals Near Me?

With seven locations, we are ready to help you access the tools and equipment you need to finish your projects. All of our locations carry various brands of mini excavators, so whether you are looking for an excavator for rent in Naples, Florida, or want an excavator rental in another of our locations, you are sure to find what you need.

From questions about equipment availability to dropping off a Kubota mini excavator rental at your project site, our experienced team is here to help you get the project done.

Have any questions? Ready to reserve your mini excavator rental? Contact our equipment rental experts today!