Renting Mini Excavators Vs Buying Cheap Chinese Excavators

Posted on Friday, March 29, 2024

As you prepare for a new project, one of the things you need to do is gather the tools and equipment you will need to complete the job. You may already have some tools, but when it comes to acquiring a mini excavator, you’re faced with an important decision: Do you rent a mini excavator, or do you buy a cheap Chinese excavator?

Although a low price tag certainly has its allure, renting a mini excavator is undoubtedly the wiser choice of the two. Keep reading to find out why.

Buying Cheap Chinese Excavators

When thinking about buying a cheap Chinese excavator, two old sayings come to mind:

You get what you pay for. In this case, if you pay for a cheap Chinese excavator, well, you’re going to get just that: A cheap excavator.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Finding a piece of heavy equipment with a low price tag is usually just that: too good to be realistically plausible.

It’s time to find out why cheap Chinese excavators aren’t always the best solution.

Less Sophisticated Equipment

When you opt for a cheaper, off-brand product, you’re likely giving up features and capabilities that more expensive, well-known options offer. And when it comes to construction, those features can make a world of difference.

Unfortunately, consumers of cheap Chinese excavators often find their equipment to be lacking in features and functionality. Consequently, it’s arguably better to adopt a more “fixer-upper” point of view to these machines Some even prefer to think of cheap Chinese excavators as a base for building your own machine if you have the skills.

In other words, instead of receiving a product, it’s more like you’re receiving another project—except this project won’t end with a client’s check. No wonder renting a mini excavator is more appealing!

Faulty, Low-Quality Hydraulics

Unsurprisingly, cheap Chinese excavators aren’t exactly known for their high-quality inner workings. Rather, these machines are more often scorned for their compromised quality, durability, and performance. Indeed, it doesn’t take long to encounter frustrated customers on the internet describing their dissatisfaction with the quality of the hydraulics systems.

For example, one buyer stressed that both hydraulic motors started leaking within less than 25 hours of use, in addition to an incorrectly installed O-ring beneath the hydraulic fluid reservoir. They even went on to say that the hydraulic motor itself might not be strong enough considering their bewildering experience trying to do multiple moves at once: trying to close the bucket while moving forward resulted in the excavator unexpectedly turning to the right.

Unfortunately, some Chinese excavator manufacturers prioritize cost-cutting measures over quality hydraulics, resulting in substandard components or inferior manufacturing processes. As a result, it’s no surprise that questions about the long-term reliability of their hydraulic systems have been raised. Hydraulic failures or malfunctions can lead to costly repairs, downtime, and productivity losses, ultimately negating any upfront cost benefits of a cheap Chinese excavator.

Attachment and Replacement Part Challenges

As we alluded to in the sections above, cheap Chinese excavators are not as well outfitted as those from more well-known, reputable brands—and this extends to the available attachments and replacement parts. Established excavator manufacturers typically provide a variety of attachments and replacement parts. In contrast, this might not be a priority for manufacturers of cheaper Chinese excavators who may face resource constraints.

Even in cases where brand-supported attachments and replacement parts are available, sourcing them can be difficult since they don’t have an established presence here in the U.S. And as for attachments and parts from other manufacturers, Chinese excavators aren’t always compatible with the various standardized part interfaces, nor are they guaranteed to align with specifications commonly used in the U.S. industry. Not only is this an inconvenience that can disrupt your workflow, but it also creates more work, as trying to find attachments and parts or even finding adaptor fittings that fit properly can be quite challenging.

Unfamiliar Brands and Products

With so many online review platforms around today, most of us are in the habit of looking up company and product reviews before committing to a purchase. However, if the company isn’t very well-known, that can create roadblocks in our research. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with Chinese excavators.

As one user put it on an excavator forum thread on Green Tractor Talk, “If you buy a $17,000 used excavator with a real name on the side you will always have a valuable piece of equipment. If you buy a $17,000 [Chinese] excavator, you will eventually have a problem that you cannot even give away.”

Unreliable Sellers

If you’ve poked around the internet looking at cheap Chinese excavators, then you’ve no doubt come across Alibaba’s marketplace. Alibaba is sort of like Amazon, only it’s much less reliable. For instance, Alibaba offers sellers a Gold Supplier status that essentially dubs the seller as a trustworthy company. Unfortunately, this promising seller status is only achieved with a purchasable membership. In fact, in 2011, Alibaba even admitted to providing this Gold Supplier status to more than 2,000 sellers who later defrauded customers. Think about it: Is this a platform you want to purchase a piece of heavy equipment from?

Renting Mini Excavators

Renting can be a great choice instead of buying, but this holds especially true when thinking about renting a mini excavator versus buying a cheap Chinese excavator. Check out some of the top driving factors below.

Avoid Maintenance Fees

Heavy equipment like mini excavators requires a continuous cycle of servicing, repairs, and part replacements. If you buy a cheap Chinese excavator, it probably won’t take long to rack up a lot of time and expenses to keep it running. Fortunately, you can avoid these compounding fees by renting a mini excavator from a company like The Equipment Source.

Access the Latest Models

Mini excavators are evolving. That’s one of the advantages of excavator rentals: Rental companies often refresh their tools and equipment inventory which means renters can readily utilize the newest models with the latest features, all for a fraction of the price of purchasing one.

Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs

Every project is unique, and unexpected accidents and issues can arise. If you buy a cheap Chinese excavator and something breaks, it’s up to you to figure out what broke and how to fix it. But with a mini excavator rental, the rental company will see to the repairs. Our team at The Equipment Source will send a mechanic to your job site so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Trusted Brands

As a rental company, one of our goals is to do everything we can to encourage you to return and do business with us again. Our team at The Equipment Source knows that to achieve this, we need to provide you with high-quality equipment—and that means equipment from brands you can trust. That’s why we offer Kobelco mini excavators in addition to models from other popular brands like John Deere and Komatsu.

Pickup and Delivery Services

Have you ever asked: Is there an equipment rental near me? If so, you’re not alone; many people are familiar with the challenges involved with transporting equipment to and from worksites.

Fortunately, rental companies like The Equipment Source offer delivery and pickup services. With our help, you can save yourself the headache of coordinating transportation and avoid having to rent an additional truck or trailer.

Are There Any Mini Excavator Rentals Near Me?

With seven locations, we are ready to help you access the tools and equipment you need to finish your projects. From general questions about our earth-moving equipment rentals to specific questions about reserving a mini excavator, our experienced team is here to help you get the project done.

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