Mini Excavator Rental Condition and Maintenance Facts

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2024

If you’re ready to start your next project and are looking for a mini excavator for rent, you might be worried about the condition of the equipment you’ll be using. Is it up to snuff? And what happens if you experience operational issues, like a breakdown?

You can rest assured that our crew at The Equipment Source has your back, and won’t let you down!

Are The Mini Excavators Well-Maintained and In Good Working Condition?

Yes! We thoroughly inspect and check over our equipment after every rental to ensure it’s in tip-top shape for the next renter. We conduct a visual check for damage, review fluid levels, look for leaks, and more.

We also encourage you to inspect the rental equipment yourself before it’s delivered to your project site.

If you desire additional assurance of the equipment’s condition, you can request a professional inspection before your rental is delivered. If the inspection reveals that the equipment is not in satisfactory condition, then The Equipment Source will pay the inspection fee. If it is in satisfactory condition, you (the renter) will be required to pay the inspection fee.

What Do I Do If There’s a Breakdown During My Mini Excavator Rental Period?

If your equipment breaks down during your rental period, just call us at the location you rented from and let us know what happened. We’ll send out a mechanic to help so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Are There Any Kobelco Mini Excavator Rentals Near Me or Small Equipment Rentals Near Me?

We have eight locations, and each of our shops carries an array of mini excavator models, including the ones listed above. We are ready to help you access the tools and equipment you need to finish your projects.

From questions about equipment availability to dropping off a mini excavator at your project site, our experienced team is here to help you get the project done.

Have any questions? Ready to reserve your small excavator rental in Naples, Florida or another one of our locations? Just contact our equipment rental experts today and we’ll talk to you about the rental equipment you need to complete your project.