Mini Excavator Rentals and Insurance

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2024

If you’re getting ready to rent a mini excavator for a project, you might be wondering if you need to get insurance. You can find the answers to all your questions below.

Is Insurance Included With My Mini Excavator Rental?

Insurance is not required so it is not included with your rental. Instead, our teams at The Equipment Source do include a Damage Waiver with your rental.

What Is a Damage Waiver?

The Damage Waiver is included in your rental fee and is roughly 13% of your rental fee. The Damage Waiver covers damage and typical wear and tear to the equipment.

What If I Still Want Insurance?

If you prefer to get insurance, you can call your insurance company and add The Equipment Source as a loss payee while you’re using the rental.

Are There Any Excavator Rentals Near Me?

With eight different locations, we are ready to help you access the tools and equipment you need to finish your projects.

From questions about excavator rental prices to dropping off a mini digger at your project site, our experienced team is here to help you get the project done.

Have any questions? Ready to rent? Contact our equipment rental experts today!