Mini Excavator Rentals: How to Make Renting Small Equipment Easy 

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2024

Mini excavators are versatile and useful for many projects and jobs, so it’s no wonder that individuals and businesses alike often rent these popular machines. If you’re thinking about reserving a mini excavator rental, use this guide to prepare for the process and ensure you’re set up for success.

Why Rent Mini Excavators?

Whether you’re an avid DIY homeowner or an experienced construction industry professional, there’s no shortage of advantages to renting a mini excavator instead of purchasing one. Six benefits stand out among the rest:

  • Sample the goods. Try out different mini excavator brands and models, experiment with their features and performance, and access the latest technological advancements—all without making a long-term commitment.
  • Use it once and give it back. Some mini excavator jobs are best performed with special attachments that are so project-specific that you might never need to use them again. Rather than using your project funds to purchase the attachment, save a substantial amount of money by choosing to rent that special attachment alongside your mini excavator rental.
  • Avoid maintenance efforts. Mini excavators require regular servicing, repairs, and part replacements—all of which cost time and money. Rentals eliminate this issue because rental companies like The Equipment Source take care of maintenance activities.
  • Save your storage space. Just because the word “mini” is in the name doesn’t mean mini excavators are small. Renting a mini excavator removes the challenge of finding an adequate space to keep it when it’s not in use.
  • Receive emergency repair services. Have you ever had equipment break down on you in the middle of a job? Instead of halting the project to try and figure out what broke and how to fix it, The Equipment Source team will send a mechanic to your job site so you can get back to work.

Plan For the Project

Mini excavators span a considerable size and spec range. Using the right size is essential to the success of your project, but how do you know which size is the “right” size?

The best way to figure it out is by taking the time to carefully and thoroughly review your project’s parameters and requirements. In particular, you want to consider the following project details:

  • What you hope to achieve with the mini excavator
  • The dimensions, terrain, and possible restrictions present at your project site
  • If you need any attachments in addition to the bucket
  • How deep you plan to dig and how far you’ll need the excavator to reach
  • The necessary and ideal load capacity and weight

Ensure Your Equipment is Available

It’s always good to plan ahead, but that’s especially the case when you’re depending on an earth-moving equipment rental to accomplish a job or project. We recommend contacting The Equipment Source team about a reservation at least two to three days before you plan to use the mini excavator. This will give us time to make sure your preferred make and model is available at one of our eight locations and ready for when you need it.

Arrange for Transport

Reserving a mini excavator for rent is one thing, but getting it to your work site is another. Like any other heavy machinery, moving a mini excavator necessitates both careful preparation and execution. As a result, it’s often simpler and easier to arrange pickup and delivery services directly to your work site.

Fortunately, The Equipment Source offers convenient pickup and delivery services so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting your mini excavator rental. However, it’s important to note that these services aren’t included in your rental fee:

  • Deliveries and pickups within one of our service areas generally cost about $95 each way
  • Deliveries and pickup fees to locations outside of our service areas vary but generally increase by $20 increments

Accordingly, the total cost will depend on your location. You can find out more about our delivery and pickup services here.

Think About Your Budget

Budgeting for a construction project can be challenging, especially since unexpected costs can arise at a moment’s notice. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider as you prepare for your project and begin to outline a budget:

  • The duration of your rental. How long will you need the mini excavator? For instance, the cost of renting the mini excavator for an afternoon will be considerably less than if you rented it for two days, a week, or even months.
  • Transportation expenses. Will you transport the mini excavator, or use The Equipment Source’s delivery and pickup services? Even if you transport it yourself, don’t forget to factor in the price of gas and any other tools you might need to securely move the mini excavator to and from your work site.
  • Attachments. Does your project call for any other attachments in addition to the bucket? If so, this will increase your necessary budget. For instance, in addition to the fee of your mini excavator rental, a breaker hammer attachment will roughly cost an extra:
    • $355/day
    • $975/week
    • $1920/month

A thumb, in addition to the fee of your mini excavator rental, will roughly cost an extra:

    • $100/day
    • $300/week
    • $650/month
  • Fuel. Don’t forget to leave room in your budget for fuel to operate your mini excavator rental. While total costs vary between models and projects, a mini excavator typically uses one to two gallons of fuel per hour. With the national average price of gas being $3.67 and the national average price of diesel being $3.99, it’s not hard to predict how rapidly the cost of fuel can add up.

Get Some Knowledge

Before you begin operating the mini excavator rental, you should take the time to read the entire user manual—front to back, all the way through. Familiarize yourself with the controls and safety features, and identify whether the mini excavator’s controls operate using ISO or SAE standards

Our team at The Equipment Source provides renters with a thorough training session, but you should also have OSHA training. Altogether, this will ensure you’re operating the mini excavator in a safe working environment.

Though this is by no means a comprehensive list, we suggest paying special attention to the following safety guidelines:

  • Wear protective gear
  • Do not exceed the load capacity
  • Confirm you have proper visibility at all times during the operation
  • Keep other workers away from the machine while it’s in use
  • Do not operate if you are tired, don’t feel well, or have consumed alcohol
  • Engage the parking brake when not actively operating the machine
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Drive slowly over uneven terrain

Check the Equipment Before Starting

Even though rental companies like The Equipment Source thoroughly inspect machinery after every rental, you should always inspect the equipment yourself.

While the mini excavator is off, check:

  • The machine for damage: Look for fluid leaks, damage to tracks, loose wires, etc.
  • The fluid levels: Check to make sure the fuel levels, oil levels, coolant levels, etc. are not low
  • The machine’s filters: Look at the fuel filter, oil filter, water/fuel separator, etc.
  • That the attachments are properly secured

Should you desire additional assurance of the equipment’s condition, you can also request a professional inspection before your rental is delivered. If the inspection reveals that the equipment is not in satisfactory condition, The Equipment Source will pay the inspection fee. If it is in satisfactory condition, you (the renter) will be required to pay the inspection fee.

Rent a Mini Excavator From Equipment Source

If you have a project or two that a mini excavator could help you with, make sure you’re not forgetting any important details with our handy Rental Checklist download!

When you’re ready to make a reservation, our team at The Equipment Source team is here to help you find a mini excavator rental that aligns with your needs and requirements. With eight locations, The Equipment Source is prepared to help you get the project done quickly without a hitch.


How do you transport a mini excavator?

Transporting a mini excavator requires careful preparation and execution:

You will need to use a trailer with a weight capacity that surpasses the combined weight of the mini excavator and any attachments. If you’re not loading the mini excavator onto the trailer from a dock, you’ll also need metal loading ramps with slip-resistant surfaces and a weight capacity that exceeds the weight of your mini excavator and attachments. You’ll also need a vehicle that supports the weight of the trailer, the mini excavator, as well as your attachments.

Make sure the trailer is parked on a solid and level surface, and carefully attach and lock the ramps to the trailer’s rear; be careful not to create too steep of an incline, or you risk tipping and damaging the machine.

Slowly and carefully drive the mini excavator onto the trailer, paying attention to where it’s positioned so you distribute the weight evenly and reduce the chance of the machine tipping off the ramps or trailer. If you’re also transporting attachments, load them onto the trailer.

Carefully attach high-quality chains to the mini excavator’s frame at each corner and then secure them to the trailer frame using load binders. Tighten the binders gradually and evenly to ensure the mini excavator is firmly secured. Use heavy-duty ratchet straps to stabilize the bucket and secure any other attachments you have to the trailer.

Remember to fasten the straps or chains to the designated tie-down points on the trailer and the mini excavator’s frame to prevent them from shifting or tipping during transport.

How many hours is a lot for a mini excavator?

It will vary on the machine’s make and model, but you should start paying attention to the wear and tear of a mini excavator once it’s clocked around 3,000 hours of use.

How much can you do with a mini excavator?

The veritable workhorse of construction, you can use a mini excavator to accomplish a vast range of jobs and projects, including (but not limited to):

  • Digging shallow and deeper trenches
  • Planting trees
  • Removing stumps and snow
  • Leveling and grading the ground
  • Moving materials
  • Backfilling
  • Demolishing smaller structures
  • Compressing soil
  • Digging foundations
  • Digging fenceposts
  • Dredging waterways
  • Creating and maintaining trails

Are there any small equipment rentals near me in Naples, Florida?

Yes! The Equipment Source offers eight convenient locations, one of which is located in Naples, Florida. Open Monday through Friday from 7-5, our expert team is ready to help you access the tools and equipment you need.

Are there any equipment rentals near me in Englewood, Florida?

Yes! One of The Equipment Source’s eight locations is in Englewood, Florida. Stop by Monday through Friday between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM, and our team will help you determine what equipment you need to finish your projects.

Rent a Mini Excavator From Equipment Source

If you’re asking yourself, Are there any equipment rentals near me in Naples, Florida? you can rest assured that The Equipment Source has you covered. From questions about our different location hours or inquiries about our available equipment, our experienced team is here to help.

Have any questions? Ready to rent and get your project done? Contact our equipment rental experts today!